Friday, February 14, 2014

Top 5 Valentines Day Restaurants in LA

Most people have reservations already, but if you don't and you are still looking for a place to take your love, these restaurants top my list for various reasons, which I get into below. Happy Valentines Day!


The Oven at Bestia
Bestia is great because of the mix of ambiance, it's hipster cool without that harrowing hipster pretentiousness. Food; The crispy lamb pancetta will melt your heart, which you can coo over with an incredibly lush and deeply rich glass of Montepulcianno d'Abruzzo.
And it's owned by the cutest couple anywhere, who put as much of their love into their food as they do each other, truly a romantic spot.

AOC Wine Bar -There is nothing quite as appealing as dining outdoors with the one you love, while a fire roars in the hearth and the waiter serves you soulful glasses of wine and small plates. The restaurant is one of my favorite spots in LA. Start with the bacon wrapped dates and then the roasted chicken "ode to Zuni Cafe in San Fransisco" dish, which will be paired by  with a nice Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Franc from Napa Valley.
The patio at AOC Wine Bar

Little Fork-Under the gruff exterior of Chef Jason Travi,  the native New Englander is a romantic at heart and they crafted a special Valentines day menu especially for lovers, a tasting menu for two, starting off with 2 glasses of Crement D'Alsace, of course oysters are involved and your choice of 3 outstanding main courses, you can check out the full menu at the link above.

The Church Key 
Chef Steven Fretz set out to make your dining experience unique and wonderful with this American dim sum restaurant and if you are a couple that likes  unique and fun while enjoying great food then the Church key is your place with Waiters and Waitresses dressed in Pan Am uniforms serving house made artisanal cocktails table side, this will be a night of authentic cuisine, laughter and love.

For those romantics who are simply about the food and nothing else, there is no getting out of Valentines Day without the oyster being involved and there is no better place, to enjoy nature's aphrodisiac than the Silverlake staple L&E Oyster Bar.
They have the best selection in the city, without the crowds, it's a neighborhood bar and nothing is more sexy than sipping champagne and eating oysters with the one you love in the dimly lit walls of this eastside haunt.