Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sadie's Kitchen and Lounge

There are so many restaurants to love in LA, for many different reasons, so when I set about choosing the place to host my Pure Pollino Thank You/Fundraiser for the grand finale of my Indiegogo campaign, I had a huge choice ahead of me. Sadie Kitchen and Lounge in Hollywood really stood out and has become one of my favorites for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the food. Chef Jonathan Moultan, barely there a year, has crafted a menu that is new California cuisine with a southern twist, and nothing gets a girl’s heart pumping like a menu that features dishes like southern shrimp and grits with andouille sausage, or a poached egg over a frisée salad. Or the peppercorn-crusted wild king salmon and grilled asparagus with port-wine demi-glace.

But it's not just the dinners, it's a great selection of small plates, because I like to taste and keep moving – it's just how I roll! The Maine lobster hush-puppies have just the right mix of lobster and kick to make that yummy glass of organic pinot noir burst with flavor in my mouth! But what will always keep me coming back is the Moroccan-spiced grilled octopus, simply the best octopus I've had here in LA

This is some serious mixology

To top it off, the bar, and the mixologist, are the mainstay of any lounge. I love wine, but I am also a martini girl, and I don't like regular grain-distilled vodka – in fact I loathe it. There is a harshness to it that leaves me wanting to aim a firehose down my mouth immediately. So I am always in search of the perfect potato or corn-based vodka martini. It makes a smoother cocktail. It can be sipped gently and lingered over while conversing with your dinnermates. I definitely have a top ten already in LA of cocktail lounges that do it right, and Sadie ranks in the top five. First, they have several types of potato-based vodka. I like Karlsson's Gold, as it has just the right creamy, smooth texture to encourage a second cocktail.

And then there is the atmosphere. The brand-new courtyard is dreamy and sexy, with tables and chairs and couches against wood and stone, making you feel like you are in your own backyard playground. It's the overall experience that makes Sadie stand tall in this mountain of magnificence that is the Los Angeles restaurant scene.

WE made the FRONT PAGE of Indiegogo!

The Indigogo campaign is now in single digits, 9 days and counting, so we are going into our single digit days with even more intensity than previous weeks! Gearing up for the Big PURE POLLINO bash on Aug 15th also being dubbed POLLINO Pa-LOOZA, which I love. It's been an intense couple of weeks and part of me can't wait for it to be over, but another part is like, I GOTTA MAKE THIS GOAL! So I have to keep pushing until we get there, which I am hopeful that we will.