Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Full Moon, Marianne Williamson and the Politics of Change

I missed my blog last week - it was one of those weeks, you know what I mean?  We all have them. We question where we are and if this is the right path. Let me take you back a few steps to explain. I recently got back into radio/tv as a host. Prior to this, I was working as a producer and director for years (indie films and reality TV) which contrary to popular belief is NOT that glamorous or financialy rewarding). Getting back to where my natural gifts shine (as an on-air talent, reporter, news anchor, television and radio host) at my age scared the shit out of me. And sometimes, like last week, I have major doubts. My major fear is that people won't get behind me, but really - deeper behind that fear is this little even more insidious fear - a little gremlin, saying "are you worth it." Astrology and spirituality are my pathway to me, they allow me to dig deeper into who i am so i can uncover this and share it with you. These past two weeks for me I've had a major push to excavate - to get to the core of what blocks me. The beauty of this weeks full moon,  for everyone, is the efforts of the past two weeks work, whatever you've done, will be revealed. As I have just revealed mine to you, you will be blown away from the discoveries of this week as well, and the change that is in store for all of us in the next year, will also be slightly revealed this week.

The full moon always represents the balance of the masculine and feminine principles. This week's full moon in Gemini, represents this is the world of communication. As both Sagittarius and Gemini have a thirst for knowledge, the moon in Gemini looks for variety, while the Sun in Sagittarius has to have a deeper meaning. This week its all about the balance that you find between the information you seek and what you can achieve with that information, or how can the information you seek help the you, your family, the world. The full moon is just one of our power players this week as Uranus and Mars square Pluto. Uranus, the innovator goes direct, meaning our need to make changes becomes more focused. Mars, the planet of aggression squaring Pluto the planet of change and transformation, guarantees we will see change more than we ever have before in 2014. And with the cluster of planets in business oriented Capricorn and The Sun about to enter Cap on the 21st. This Christmas and New Years, will be slightly sentimental to begin with, then by next week everyone is taking off the rose colored glasses and putting on the business suit.

Change is indeed in the drivers seat this holiday season and, and in the New Year. As I've said before in my blog and on my radio show,  women will be raising their voices louder than ever before, to be heard in the board rooms, and corporations across America. In the gleaming tall building on Wall Street and the prestigious steps of the Senate and The House of Representatives. Women will emerge as leaders in business like never before. I see it in the posts on Facebook and videos like this :60 spot on Upworthy, even the latest news reports on ABC news. This blew me away.

Women are truly seeing for the first time, just how suppressed and mistreated they have been and for the first time we are throwing open the window, like Peter Finch's character in the film Network, screaming; "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore".

And we should be, when the government spends more money on the military than feeding the starving children in the country, we should be. When corporations corrupt our food supply with GMO's we should be. When the Government is spying on us, when they allow domestic use of nuclear weapons, when the consistent and persistent inequality of income threatens the very existence of so many people in the country, we should be.

This is why women will dominate 2014, our system is out of balance. One of those women leading this change is best-selling author, speaker, and spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson. Marianne is officially running for Congress in California and will be our guest this Tuesday to discuss her vision and I cannot be more excited and humbled by her presence.

Now, I am a Course in Miracles devotee, I spend as many Monday nights at Marianne's Lectures in LA as I can, and those of us that go to these lectures, knew this campaign was inevitable. Even though Monday nights were devoted to A Course In Miracles, you could hear her passion each week when she spoke about current events and the politics behind them.  I'm always moved by her authentic perspective which stays with me through out my days. I follow her on Facebook and read her posts diligently. I'm moved and inspired regularly. My observation and experiance is she speaks and writes from a place of love and deep concern that we as a world, culture and community are moving away from love and living and making choices out of fear. She has written about how we as individuals can move from fear to love when we are present daily and make conscience choices which will shift consciousness throughout the world.

Welcoming Marianne Williamson THIS Tuesday, Dec. 17 will be a personal and career highlight for me and my co-host Rachel Lang. We hope you will join our discussion by asking questions in the chat room during the LIVE show. I do believe it is time for a change in our countries politics and a time for women to emerge to balance out the leadership. Just like a full moon brings balance to the Earth, it is our job as women to bring that balance to our country. It's not just up to the men, it's up to us to join them in equal balance in the workplace, side by side to bring a new compassionate culture to the world. It is time that we embark on a new course for a new year, to create anew.

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