Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This Weeks Scopes

Thank you Rachel Lang for writing out the horoscopes and for joining me as co-host to our special guest Brandy Gillmore. WHAT AN AWESOME SHOW TODAY. We'll post the episode later today on michellepollino.com for those who missed it. 
While you wait, enjoy your horoscope below.


Happy birthday! This week, you may be carried effortlessly closer to yourdesired manifestations on a wave of universal life force energy. IN otherwords: go with the flow. You will make strategic connections this weekthat help you solidify plans and reach goals. Your focus needs to beconcentrated so you don't overlook any details. Optimism is sky-high. Andthat's how far you will soar with all of that positive mojo coursingthrough your spirit. With all of these retrograde planets, it's time tolet go of the past without stepping back into it. If loved ones orsituations from which you've moved on try to tug at your heart strings,say "No thank you," and move forward. This will open you up to receiveabundance in all ways.

Aries:You've been nesting for several months, or rather, hibernating. But now,restless energy is moving through you, and it's time to step outside intothe light. Could that be a spotlight? You're placed to meet newacquaintances who will help your professional pursuits, potentialclients, and even agents who can help advance your public presence.Resist any impulse to run away in the face of conflict. You're on thepath to a new adventure for sure, but you don't have to burn any bridgesto arrive sooner. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, isentering the compatible sign of Aquarius, and any relationship challengesyou've had over the past four months finally smooth over. You feel yourheartstrings being tugged toward love, but there's also a contradictorypull toward freedom and independence. Are the two vibes mutuallyexclusive? Keep it fun, adventurous, and playful.

Taurus:Your creative energy reaches a peak this week if you allow yourself thetime, space, and focus to work on your latest masterpiece. This is thebig one that will place you right in the spotlight. This is a great weekto network and connect with influential people. Move yourself justoutside the bounds of your comfort zone because that's where you'll findindividuals who can help you succeed. Try to focus on the big picture andavoid getting stressed by the details. Those are the function of the leftbrain, and your right hemisphere is opening in such a delightful wayright now that you owe it to yourself to ride that wave. Let someone elseattend to details. Hire an assistant if you need to. It's time forexpansion. In love, move gracefully, as doors open for new connections orre-connections. Feelings of tenderness take over, and conflicts seemminute and insignificant as a result. Open your heart.

Gemini:It's time to step up your game, Gemini. You've been settling for TJ Maxxwhen you really want Barney's. How is that working for you? Faith in thefuture means letting your look reflect your expanded sense of being inthis world. I mean, dress for the job. A little makeover would do yougood. You single Geminis are about to add a bit of excitement to yourlove lives. Online dating will open a world of possibilities. Just keepit playful and avoid ruminating about disappointments. Think of each dateas an opportunity to learn something new. And in the process, youropenness will allow for the unfoldment of a budding relationship. That'sthe Law of Attraction at work. If you're in a relationship already,Gemini, let this be a weekend of romance. Take your sweetheart on asurprise getaway. Even if it's just a night out to see some live music,the time together will heal any irritations that have been up for you.

Cancer:Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is stationing direct in yoursign, signaling possibilities for bonuses, raises, promotions, or newjobs. However, this influence may take some adjustment, as you've had afew months of false starts, and your faith isn't as high as usual. Do youexpect disappointment? How is that doubt working for you, Cancer? Let itgo, and when you do, you will open yourself to the possibility thatsomeone else could help you. You don't have to take on others' concernsor fears. In romance, you may feel as if you've been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Perhaps your insecurities have kept you from fully engagingin a relationship, and so you've attracted a little drama. Now, it's timeto press the reset button and return inward. Listen to your intuition.Then, trust that inner voice of wisdom guiding you to make the shiftsnecessary to allow love to blossom and grow.

Leo:This is a power week for you, Leo. Call your stylist and shake up yourstyle. It's time for a makeover, especially if you are single and lookingto attract romance. Let your outer self represent the inner changes thatyou've made. Be a little edgier, and you'll get noticed. Your creativeworks flourish this week. Get inspired by seeing films or attendinggallery openings. Gather information about possible venues to showcaseyour own work or creative endeavors. You have to take matters into yourown hands. In romance, Leo, stay open to surprises. You can become fixedon one particular outcome, but in doing so, you may miss seeing someoneeven more compatible, charming and devoted. If you're in a relationship,this is the time to deepen your connection. Try a couple's massage or aspa day.

Virgo:This week, you will want to keep your mind at ease. Meditate, journal,and be outside in nature to clear your thoughts. The winter has broughtmany revelations for you, as well as some exciting professionalopportunities. You may feel inclined to stop and assess or look back onall that has happened. However, I recommend keeping your eyes focusedforward toward the horizon line. This is a super spiritual time for you.Stay in gratitude and connect with your sources of guidance, both here onearth and in the Heavens. Trust that you are being divinely led.

Libra:Romance is the definite highlight of your week, Libra. If you're a singleLibra, signs indicate that you could meet your future partner. Are youready? If that notion signals fear or anxiety, read "Calling in the One"or spend a little time with the Course of Miracles. Open the doors ofyour heart, still your mind, and let spirit move. Rather than seekingperfection, seek opportunities for growth. Ignore your "list" and followyour heart. This is true if you've been trying to manifest a jobopportunity as well. Manifestation works the same no matter what area oflife you are focusing that creative energy. And you can certainlymanifest a lot at this time. So, really direct your thoughts and emotionstoward your highest good. This weekend, play hard. You've been workinghard and need a break!

Scorpio:Your commitment toward relationships and loved ones knows no match.Therefore, you can easily become disappointed when others don'treciprocate or worse, when they blow you off. Love always remains, evenwhen the relationship cords have been severed. You know how to walk awayand slam the door, but you don't need to be stubborn, avoiding a possiblereconnection. Closure can be such a blessing. In work, opportunitiesabound. Promotions, raises, new jobs. Take on more responsibility, andthe accolades will follow. You're about to reach a career peak. Keepclimbing that mountain.

Sagittarius:This week, the heaviness of this cold winter and the emotional turbulenceyou¹ve felt both lighten up, and you feel like your playful,free-spirited self again. Romantic possibilities lie just past this bendon your path, and over the next few weeks, you single Sagittarians couldmeet a fated connection, one to explore deeper. Remember that when yourdestiny approaches, you may feel aversion at first, or even repulsion.Pay attention to any strong energetic hits you receive. Sometimes,resistance indicates that the Universe is shaking up your comfortablelife so that you can grow and change. That strong vibe ought to befollowed and explored. Finances get organized, ordered, and evenenhanced. Finish your taxes early and enjoy the freedom. Workopportunities loom in the distance, but it¹s not time to reap the harvestyet.

Capricorn:This week, attend to family matters and responsibilities, Capricorn, andclear items off your to-do list so that you can enjoy a restful, fun,playful weekend. There are new developments in your home, and perhaps evennew additions to the family. Treasure these moments, but take time foryou. Work demands your energy, but your heart is pulled to your personallife. You have a backlog of creative projects, and this can stress you outif you feel pressure to finish everything you dare to dream. Give yourselfa big break from the self-judgment. Trust divine timing, and believe inyour ability to multitask. In love, focus your thoughts on the positiveaspects of your relationship or single life. Negativity is so toxic toyour heart chakra!

Aquarius:Venus is moving into your sign on Wednesday, signaling happiness in loveand abundance in work. Isn¹t it odd that the same planet that rules loverules money? The connection between them both is an open heart. Have youbeen stubbornly focused on what¹s not working out in your life? Even ifyou shift your conscious thoughts or attitudes toward the positive,perhaps there are underlying resentments, fears, or beliefs lying in thesubconscious mind that need a little makeover. Actually, a physicalmakeover could help shift the internal self. And I recommend that as anoption. You spend so much energy helping others that a littleself-nurturing would help your inner child feel acknowledged. In love,Venus brings romance and good news. That special someone you¹ve beenchasing could turn to face you. Likewise, if you¹ve been on the quest fora special someone, your prayers are being answered. If you¹re in arelationship, let Venus¹ romantic presence inspire you to dream with yourpartner about an exciting getaway this summer or about what you want inthe more distant future. A house? A baby? Start dreaming, then theaction plan will reveal itself over the next 4 weeks. 

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