Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eclipses = New Beginnings -This one is POWERFUL

When I get up I usually meditate, then write down what I have to do for the day, and then get to it. Today was different, because yesterday was different, and I will tell you why by starting with some back story. I've been struggling for the last few years with work, not really liking where I was or where I was going. Recently I decided to return to the airwaves, where I began my career and something started to happen, something called happiness. I naturally fell back into it, like a kid riding a bike and loved it. And, within weeks of putting it out to the universe, I got a part-time job back on the air doing news at on a nationally syndicated talk radio station. This station was not a place I would choose to work, but it chose me and I was happy to be back working again.

Circling back to the beginning of the blog, yesterday I got an email from them saying we don't need you to work on Sunday. (my only day I am scheduled-which kinda sucks financially speaking) Now the reason they gave was not really a good reason, and a couple of my colleagues and my partner were like - FIGHT IT! But my first instinct was to not fight it. I knew this eclipse was already working and the pot had been boiling for months my deepest knowing part of myself emerged yesterday, and it said: I know this will pass and something else bigger is coming, and that will be revealed imminently. 

Now the reason I tell you this story is simple, it is completely indicative of this eclipse. This particular Solar Eclipse symbolizes ‘the light of awareness’ and new beginnings. This time you will see and have major turning points and open doorways for opportunities. So consider this New Moon phase intensely energized to be empowering TO YOU! The Sun, Moon, Mercury and the North Node coupled with Saturn is HUGE! Saturn revels in Scorpio power. Saturn, is our dad of the solar system, it represents structure and authority, it wants you to define yourself based on your deepest passion. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse will also teach you something, that is to forgive yourself and that will lead to forgiving others. understanding your own humanness and forgiving yourself is the most powerful thing you can do. Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac, they have the ability to recreate themselves through their will and determination, you have this in you, find it, harness it, use it.

This is the time when you chant to yourself for 5 minutes just as you wake up - you are stronger than any problem or challenge that comes your way. Find your power, harness it, use it.

 This is the time to develop that keen inner focus on what is working. Focus on the good in your life. Choose love not fear. Use your mind to create exactly what you want. 

What will occur in the next few days- if it hasn't happened already - things will force you to look at whats NOT WORKING in your life. This Saturn aspects the new moon and wants you to own your power, if not it will break it down. Saturn keeps you sober to see the truth you need. Saturn is the one who delivers you to your dreams, ambitions and worldly success. She requires that you be in your integrity. AND let's face it, integrity is your spiritual backbone.

You have so much support from the universe right now with this new moon  sits alongside a retrograde Mercury and that is aspecting Pluto (power- and Scorpios ruler) Chiron (the wounded healer) Neptune ( dreams).  That Uranus Pluto square still really active forcing change, both politically and spiritually. And Mars is opposite Chiron and trine Pluto, making change.

ALL THIS MEANS, MY FRIENDS - THIS IS HUGE. The energy of this eclipse will last for months, so we are in for a tremendous end to 2013!

Solar Eclipse To-Do List!

1. Mediate- even if you've never done it before- do it now! 

Use your inner power to mediate this weekend on the good in your life, expand it. embrace the power that has been given to you, because that power will emerge through your own consciousness. 

2. Value - what do you value about yourself? write it down before bed

Our dreams are powerful, you plant seeds with thoughts right before bed, plant seeds that will help you grow in value through your own efforts!

3. Be Open - Now more than ever!

Being open to new possibilities provides a way forward, we owe it to ourselves to be as aware as possible, it's really up to us to choose the road, but if we stay stuck in dogmatic beliefs, in the negatives of what might happen, we create our own roadblocks. But if you say that there is a clear road ahead and a blue sky above, and majestic mountains all around, your damn straight that will occur. Your mantra is this: Your power-find it, harness it, use it.

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