Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mercury Moves forward and so do we

How are you feeling since that powerful eclipse on the 3rd? Are you ready for the changes to begin, or like me have they already begun. For me they started on the 3rd, when my job all of sudden starting pulling some not so cool moves, some of which were detailed in my last blog. They continued their shadiness until this weekend it was revealed to me what they were up to. I knew all along, for me the job was just that, a job.

 Like many of us that may still be struggling with parts of ourselves that we still don't see the true value in, it takes a slap in the face in order to see they too are not seeing the value in you. That slap may sting at first but it also might be just the thing where you go...yea, that was not a good relationship to be in. That happened to me, and it was true I didn't belong there, their values were different from mine. I didn't believe the "news" they asked me to spew to six and a half million americans on a weekly basis who take what they say as the truth. if fact, at the end of every newscast I had to say that word, and use it in this phrase, "the Truth lives here" oh the irony in it all.

And so I move on to another station and concentrate on what I love to do. That's exactly what the eclipse has done to me. What I am asking you is the same....what has gone, and at the same time, come into your life. In this first quarter moon, and as Mercury will return to direct motion Sunday November 10, 2013, and as it does, it makes an exact trine to illusory and sometimes nebulous Neptune. At the same time Venus moved into pragmatic Capricorn, not as romantic, but certainly stable and loving. It will move closer to Pluto, which means we will want to explore our relationship on a deeper level, with much more intensity.

Also this week, in accordance with these changes that are about to come knocking at our door, as Mercury turns direct and opens the flood gates, Jupiter will begin to station to go retrograde making it more powerful, and thinking about what happened during our solar eclipse as the Sun conjunct Saturn, our daddy planet, we are feeling the push to move forward with plans to do our hearts calling.  there is a part of us that is about to embrace our future, whatever that is.

So if you took advantage of my last post, planted the seeds during this retrograde period with mediation and values, what will happen this week during this first quarter moon you should start to see those plans move forward this week, even if its a small move, its a move forward in the right direction, in the direction that is true to your heart, your ideals, your own soul's purpose. It did for me :)

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